West Michigan Mold Remediation Experts

If you have been concerned about mold and indoor exposure to it you are not alone. Recently the public has become more and more aware. Exposure to mold comes with a variety of negative health effects and various symptoms, this is inclusive of an allergic reaction and many more.
Molds can practically be found almost anywhere; don’t assume that they cannot grow in your house because you have kept it too tidy as all it needs to grow is virtually any organic substance, and it will grow in the presence of a given amount of moisture and oxygen.

As soon as mold spores are able to land on any damp spot be it indoors or outdoors, they begin to grow and not just grow they digest whatever they grow on to survive. Molds are known to gradually not only destroy all the things that they grow on but also be bad for health. And not just that your home is bound to reek in their presence.

Mold is damaging to your home or your office but also happens to be the core of several health issues. Mind you, the severity and diversity of these issues is great and may range from allergies to skin infections and in worst cases can end up with asthma exasperation, not to forget constant headaches, vomiting and even pneumonia. However, the good news is that with us, most of these mold contaminations can be fixed.

We have skillfully been able to help clients in dealing with the mold removal together with indoor air quality issues. We have had great success with houses that were infested with mold to properties that were not yet taken over by it.  Give us a call today 231-206-1286 for a quote.

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